driving force behind us

Gregory Scott | Project and IT Consultant

603-205-9190 | gregorys@xgensg.com

In 2010, I decided if I were going to focus on IT as a full time consultant, I needed to create a business first. So in 2010 (with a small vision to succeed in IT), I decided to create an LLC and name it Xgen which at the time was too close to an existing company named Xgensys in New Hampshire so I chose Xgen Solutions Group. I have learned a lot more about growing and succeeding in a business throughout the past 7 years and have enjoyed watching our IT business grow to become a big part of our life.  I am so excited to where XGEN is headed and completely grateful that this business has created a great income for me, 2 of my sons and my wife.  For all the companies who have provided work for us and have continued with us throughout the years to accept our offers for work – THANK YOU!

Joshua Scott ~ IT Consultant

One of my older sons who has really taken IT by storm and has helped make XGEN successful up in his neck of the woods! Thank you – Joshua

You can reach him directly @

352-242-8755 | joshuas@xgensg.com

Zachariah Scott ~ IT Consultant

2nd youngest son who has stuck it out when the weather gets rough – he too has helped XGEN become successful. Thank you – Zach

You can reach him directly @

603-997-9156 | zachariahs@xgensg.com